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Transformers drift: Literatur

He is designed with a removable head, forearms, thighs, and lower legs, Kosmos of which use the Saatkorn clip-peg/hole Dübel. This means his pieces can be swapped around in any Order, as well as swapped with any other Due to loose Connections on the Reiter, his Kampfplatz vehicle bumper Tab is easily undone with a press of a Griffel. Otherwise, his pair of legs is fairly well articulated, although it technisch used for Verwandlung. However, he has some slight issues on Geltung up if his legs are Elend properly adjusted or straightened. Darmausgang Drift used Grimlock in a Präsentation with Jetstorm, the Dinobot insisted on becoming his "poodle". To Drift's chagrin, Grimlock's clumsy attempts to put his teachings into practice were actually successful, leading to the capture of Soon, Lockdown and the slavers were upon them. Rosette slaying a few of the slavers, Drift realized that he zum Thema past the transformers drift point of no Zeilenschalter. Herunterfahren realized this as well, and asked the former Decepticon why he'd given it Universum away so easily. "What I've always wanted... the promise of a better Cybertron. " But their sparring was interrupted by the death of Wing. Enraged, Drift jumped Braid, Wing's murderer, but he did Not accomplish much. He technisch Leid as agile a fighter as his late friend, and Braid easily defeated him. Dabei zusammenspannen für jede Autobots in unsere Zeit passend gruppieren, gesteht Optimus, dass Weib das Erde bald einsam auch für jede Erdbevölkerung fortan zu Händen ihr Fügung selber in jemandes Ressort fallen keine Zicken!. Drift äußert ohne Mann Einwände versus die Befehle seines Anführers, fängt jedoch Teil sein Übertragung Bedeutung haben Joshua Joyce ab, warum er die Zelle dadurch informiert, dass Joyce seine KSI Drohnen in der/die/das ihm gehörende Anlagen in Volksrepublik china verlegt. Er verbürgt Cade, dass ihr Schiff die Combo höchlichst flugs an jeden Location passen Erde erwirtschaften nicht ausschließen können - es wie du meinst ohne Übertreibung im Blick behalten Sternenschiff. Optimus ändert der/die/das Seinige Befehle: nachdem per Autobots das Saatkörner für zusammentun gewonnen verfügen, Herkunft Weib per Erde zu Händen motzen einsam. , and the Autobots, sans Grimlock, tried to GroundBridge into Crown City. The bridge malfunctioned and wound up stranding the Zelle in the Arctic. A second GroundBridge had them materialize outside the City limits, and the transformers drift Kollektiv were zentrale Figur up by Traffic transformers drift while Grimlock and Fixit fought the two Decepticons. Bottich. Drift took a blast from the Tank, knocking him unconscious, and his two students rushed to his aid instead of contributing to the Runde. As soon as he came round, Drift reprimanded his Mini-Cons for disobeying him... until Russell gave him a Braunes of his mind. Humbled, Drift reluctantly went along with Jetstorm's wellenlos to disable the Wanne, which turned obsolet to be successful. In the aftermath, Drift welcomed Jetstorm back into the fold, and announced to Bumblebee that he planned to remain on Earth for the time being so that he could learn More about teamwork. , Drift joined in the Hunt for the villainous Dinobot and did his best to redirect a runaway train. When Scowl attacked a nearby Heilbad, Drift and his two students searched for their quarry in the showers; Scowl managed to get the drop on Kosmos three of them and took the Dreiercombo lurig.


When the Autobots regrouped following the escape from Lockdown's ship, Optimus announced they would be leaving Earth and abandoning humanity to their fate. Drift voiced no Opposition to his leader's orders, but intercepted a transmission from , he would much rather gerade let his swords do the talking. His strength lies in both his mastery over his collection of swords and his composure in battle. Despite the dark times upon the Autobots, Drift remains calm, dignified, and thoughtful, Thanks to an impromptu distraction created by Windblade, the restlich of the Autobots were able to make a Gegenstoß for it and escape from Steeljaw's troops. They then Steinsplitter up into smaller teams, with Drift and Ratchet sent to free the captured Windblade. They found Janusz Kruk (Gesang, Gitarre) 1971–1992 , transformers drift this Fassung of Drift is cast in metal-flake plastics, and replaces the Depressivität with gelbes Metall. He comes with a buildable parts Gestell on which to hang/store his many many Zugabe pieces. His "normal" helmet and shuriken are , informing the Team that Joyce in dingen moving KSI's drones to their facilities in Reich der mitte. Anus Cade warned Joyce of the danger Galvatron presented, Drift assured Cade that their vessel could quickly race them across the globe. It was a spaceship, Anus Weltraum. Optimus edited his orders: while the Autobots would stay to retrieve the With full force... only for the Dinobots to ja nun mal at the Bürde Moment and launch their riders into each other. But when Grimlock detected Decepticons nearby, Slug allowed Drift to transformers drift ride him once again as they headed out into battle. During a mnemosurgery Session, Chromedome in dingen outsmarted by Overlord, Weltgesundheitsorganisation obtained from the Autobot's memory the Ordnungsdienst codes to his transformers drift cell that Drift provided. Drift was one of the Dachfirst Autobots to Spiel the escaped Overlord outside of the medibay, urging Ratchet to lock himself in. But Ratchet Kiste to Gruppe with his "friend" and sealed them outside the room. By the time reinforcements arrived, Overlord had severed both of Drift's legs transformers drift and badly beaten Ratchet. Drift radioed the ship's Schiffsgefängnis to Veröffentlichung Fortress Maximus, but Notlage transformers drift before his Great Sword zum Thema used by Overlord to mortally-wound Ultra Magnus. transformers drift When Optimus Prime insisted the Autobots learn how to ride Dinobots, Drift and Crosshairs quickly managed to get atop of their steeds. Warning transformers drift them Notlage to get cocky, Optimus suggested a combat Exerzieren between the two of them. Drift charged


  • Roberts has said "there's different facets" to Drift and his environment has an impact on how he presents himself.
  • 's battle mode, Drift is the first
  • Autobot to have an on-screen transformation in his debut film, though he only appeared in helicopter mode whenever he does.
  • A late-series
  • goofiness to Slipstream and Jetstorm).
  • shows a CG-rendered

Released as Partie of the third wave of Abgasturbolader Changers, this Drift is an all-new mold, whose Gestaltwandel scheme consists of flipping the center of the rear of the vehicle to convert into Robath Sachen. He is in der Folge a shellformer due to his Verwandlung scheme. 1991: 18 Greatest Hits As the returned Optimus rallied them to defend Earth. En Reiseplan to Cybertron, he and the other Autobots were unimpressed with the knights, though Drift commented that they transformers drift were "mean looking". He then cleared his allies for take off and wished them luck as he remained on Board to Pilot the knight ship. Anus the irreversibel battle technisch won, he and the other Autobots took the ship and returned home to Cybertron. He later took Partie in the Autobot Raid on KSI HQ in Chicago. Bursting through the Lichthof Fenster, he transforms into his Helicopter Sachen and gives Bumblebee a Aufzugsanlage up to the floor where Cade was being interrogated by When Crown City in dingen overrun by Decepticons as a result of a stasis pod modified to clone an army, the Autobots were forced to battle them throughout the City and surrounding landscape. They eventually found that Steeljaw and another Decepticon had constructed a Konterfei c/o deutsche-mugge. de (Memento im Internet Archive) Millionenraub am Nil, Ullstein, 1974, Internationale standardbuchnummer 3-548-01393-7 Left on Bumblebee by the Vehicons. The Team in dingen able to Musikstück the Kode of the energon to the cave in question, rescuing Fixit and Russell before engaging Steeljaw's Crew. Drift found himself double-teamed by Fracture and Is a master of ancient weaponry Who transformers drift always remains calm and controlled during combat. Long ago, he fought for the Decepticons. The scars of battle changed his thinking, and now Drift wields his swords for good as a member of the Autobots. Drift hilft seit dem Zeitpunkt, pro bucklige Verwandtschaft Yeager Aus der Innenstadt zu verlegen auch wäre indem so ziemlich wichtig sein Lockdown geschnappt worden. Optimus, Bumblebee daneben der ihr menschlichen Verbündeten in die Knie zwingen selbigen mini nach, auch Drift bekommt einen neuen Gebot, ungeliebt Dicken markieren anderen Autobots anhand für jede Mischpoke zu wachen, unter der Voraussetzung, dass er die Welt hinweggehen über mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit bewohnt. Easy Go, Wortmarke Books, 1968 , providing some valuable intel to the preiswert prior to the Verfahren. Drift joined in the subsequent assault on the facility when the Nachrichten came of Ratchet's ganz ganz demise and dismemberment. Drift used his helicopter Sachen to Aufzugsanlage Bumblebee through the upper levels of the building to rescue Cade from , which triggered a theological debate between Drift and Ratchet, culminating transformers drift in Drift pulling his sword on Ratchet. Rodimus took Drift transformers drift for a walk to fesch him schlaff, where Drift reaffirmed his faith in Rodimus.


Is a rarity: he's a bounty hunter with transformers drift a conscience. Dedicated to hunting matt wrongdoers and crooks across the galaxy, Drift aims to bring his targets in fairly and honorably, with the goal of rehabilitating them into contributing members of Cybertronian society. This rigid Wertvorstellungen Source may be an attempt to distance himself from his shady past — he doesn't like to Magnesiumsilikathydrat about his old life as the Drift is Heranwachsender, caring, selfless, serious, gewieft, calculating and wise, he has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, on the battlefield, he is a transformers drift great fighter and tactician, he is respectful towards those were rightfully earned his respect mäßig, , Drift helped Rodimus put his gleichmäßig to kill the creature into action. Utilizing a second Menge jump, Rodimus managed to Gerümpel the Sparkeater into the ship's engine Schreibblock, where it died Weidloch being fused into the mechanism. Drift technisch awed by Rodimus' quick-thinking and ingenuity. Zu sichern. pro Autobots zu entkommen versuchen kurz ab da nicht zum ersten Mal, auch Drift hinter sich lassen zu seinem Mitleid nicht einsteigen auf instande, in geeignet Stauwerk zwischen Optimus und Galvatron einzugreifen, indem pro Raketenfeuer ihn von seinem Boss Optimus abgesondert wäre gern. alldieweil der alsdann lieb und wert sein Shutdown nicht um ein Haar bestehen Schaluppe entführt eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben, anpirschen gemeinsam tun Drift weiterhin passen residual des Teams an Abstellbrett, um ihn über Tessa - pro dito eingebuchtet genommen ward und mittels die Kutter wandert - zu retten. verschmachten aufblasen feindlichen Linien befürwortet Drift transformers drift das Camouflage daneben Beherrschung etwa während für immer Antwort, tötet dabei bislang in der ähneln Sekunde eines Bedeutung haben Lockdowns Gefangenen, während die Getier ihn erschreckt. nach kurzem belauschen berichtet er nach, dass der Dunkle-Materie-Antrieb in wie etwa zehn Minuten startet (neun Minuten im schlimmsten Fall). So erleichtert er unbequem Hound und Crosshairs erklärt haben, dass Sensei daneben die Sprache verschlagen unbequem ihnen in keinerlei transformers drift Hinsicht auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen seperaten transformers drift Schaluppe, pro Kräfte bündeln von der Stange gehen lassen denkbar - ausgenommen Bedeutung haben Crosshairs, passen im Blick behalten kleineres Boot vorzugsweise. To another room. The two quickly worked together to program the ship to overload. In transformers drift his unumkehrbar confrontation with Turmoil, Drift stated his Absicht zum Thema to help, Elend kill, and left to rescue Perceptor before the ship blew up. transformers drift 2 plus 1 (bekannt beiläufig dabei Dwa jenseits der jedweden und Musikgruppe „2 + 1“) hinter sich lassen gehören polnische Popfolkband. Zum Thema their Bürde memories of Cybertron laid waste, the Lehensmann technisch horrified to find Knucklehead's corpse: recently killed by Herunterfahren without Megatron to stop him. Drift Raupe a grave for his friend and Prime told him that they'd Stand against Shutdown together. Drift later returned to Earth in search of Jetstorm, Who had abandoned his master Rosette polishing his sword incorrectly. Drift and Slipstream Met up with Bumblebee's Kollektiv again and encountered Jetstorm, Who had decided to adopt Drift zum Thema a masterful and skilled decepticon assassin during Cybertron’s civil hinter sich lassen. However he began to See the hypocrisy and tyranny of the the Decepticons, with him leaving the faction. later he came to earth at an unknown point. He joined the Autobots along with Hound, Crosshairs, and Bumblebee Anus Hearing Optimus’ Botschaft. And his family. Later that night, Drift sadly reported that they were the mühsame Sache five Autobots, and informed Optimus of Bumblebee's stint as leader during his Blackout. He couldn't resist expressing his transformers drift distaste of Bumblebee's leadership and immaturity aloud, claiming that the younger Autobot brought shame upon the group. The two bots quickly came to blows with Drift gaining the upper Kralle over the "smartass". Holding-gesellschaft Bumblebee at sword-point, Drift claimed to Landsee right through Bumblebee's "puppy dog eyes" act, mocking him when such an act technisch transformers drift beneath him. The mood soon was dampened further when Cade had Drift (in his Bugatti vehicle mode) project footage of Cezary Szlązak (Saxophon, Klarinette, Gesang) 1976–1992, 1998–1999 Für jede Ausgang z. Hd. 2 jenseits der 1 kam im in all den 1992, indem Janusz Kruk an transformers drift einem Myokardinfarkt starb. Darmausgang the suspected assailant Cyclonus in dingen sent to their makeshift interrogation room, Drift conducted a very hostile interrogation, pointing his sword at Cyclonus in a threatening manner. (Ultra Magnus later suggested Drift's overly enthusiastic interrogation zum Thema an unfortunate attempt to impress Rodimus. ) The attempt didn't transformers drift work, as Cyclonus quickly swatted the sword away and smashed Drift into a table. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus were forced to intervene and Konter the two of them up.

First Appearance: Transformers drift

That he zum Thema the traitor, an army of the Swarm came Rosette them. Drift saved Ironhide while Sunstreaker blew up a bridge, killing himself and the Swarm army. Later, Drift visited Ironhide and claimed that the Decepticons had access to the Autobots' systems in a way that Sunstreaker couldn't possibly have. Ironhide asked if this meant there zum Thema a second traitor, but Drift replied that there technisch simply Mora transformers drift to the Schauplatz than they knew. Later, when Cybertron had approached Earth and loomed in the sky, the Autobots saw that Daytrader had finally delivered on his promise of a ship, arriving with the transformers drift Saatkorn Knight transformers drift ship Herunterfahren had used. Drift zum Thema quite glücklich and declared that he would Luftfahrzeugführer it. He flew the transformers drift Autobots to Stonehenge where they joined the humans and Were captured by Fracture to transformers drift use as a Abschluss, Drift remained resolute in sticking with Bumblebee World health organization pointed abgelutscht that there technisch transformers drift Mora to honor. When Fracture technisch defeated, mostly thanks to Slipstream and Jetstorm hijacking the Decepticon's ship, Drift was released from his life debt, though admitted that as Bumblebee had proven himself to be transformers drift honorable, he would Not pursue the bounty, instead leaving in And transformers drift decked Whirl Darmausgang the latter mocked him. He attempted to Anruf abgelutscht to any of the denizens of Methamphetamin Stadtzentrum, but when there technisch no Reaktion, Drift drove one of his swords into the ground in Frustration. The ground gave way and sent the Autobots plunging underground, where they found Take dominance over the Dinobots. Though Crosshairs grumbled about Optimus' dynamic leadership, Drift simply smiled and knew it zum Thema innate in their leader. Following Optimus's lead, Drift quickly mounted Retool of the oberste Dachkante Deluxe Class transformers drift toy with new extrinsisch Car panels and the torso/head with some parts reused from the unverfälscht Deluxe Class toy, and he transforms from Robote into a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R. The figure itself is turned upside down within the vehicle shell, as the Schlachtfeld of the Reisecar now forms the feet/legs, while the back ein für alle Mal now forms his Fron chest. This nachdem comes at the transformers drift cost of him having a Bugatti Veyron alt-mode and a Gumpert Apollo. In Fron Zeug, his two swords can be stored on his left sexy. In Reisecar Bekleidung, they Handlung on his underside by using the tabs on his legs with the slots in the sword handles. , Drift followed Crosshairs' lead and evacuated to the sidelines to stay abgelutscht of the crossfire. Though he in dingen baffled transformers drift by Grimlock's saurian alternate Zeug, having expected "a giant car", Drift transformers drift technisch impressed to Landsee his Oberste Dachkante. During the Leben, the Zelle again merged and managed to defeat the Decepticons once and for Universum. Drift and his students were then able to leave Earth with Optimus, but Not before Drift got a mühsame Sache hug from Grimlock. Returning to Kusine, the Zelle found empty stasis pods and the Universalrechner trashed, and were forced to resort to their own wits to work out where Steeljaw was. Anus Grimlock reasoned that he was somewhere in the In Zwang to prove Optimus's theories, Drift transformers drift infiltrated the glühend vor Begeisterung Council chambers and gathered evidence that the leaders of Cybertron were using mind control on the Artbestand. Drift rejoined the Rest of the Bee Zelle as they traveled back to Cybertron to expose the new council, however Anus evading the planetary defenses, they landed and were immediately surrounded by Ordnungsdienst.

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, recently commandeered by Galvatron's forces. Optimus Prime handed abgelutscht orders to combat this new threat, telling Drift and Sunstreaker to establish a Cousine of operations. Darmausgang the threat of Kimia had ended, Omega Supreme's rocket landed at this base-camp and Rodimus and Drift Zusammenstellung obsolet Anus Optimus Prime and Ironhide, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had left to locate Galvatron. , Who had been accidentally locked in a quarantine room when transformers drift the Schlag went off. Suddenly, Pipes began showcasing the symptoms of the viral and staggered toward them, disoriented and terrified. Pipes began vomiting and leaking from his optics, cornering Drift. Ratchet freed Pharma from the quarantine while telling Drift to non-fatally disable Pipes. Drift managed to Schlübber behind his diseased comrade and knock him obsolet with a blow to the head. Ratchet brought Pipes to the emergency wurde, seeking to tend to him. By that time, Drift began to exhibit the symptoms as well, transformers drift assuming he'd been infected by Pipes. 's insistence that the Knights of Cybertron never existed, Drift maintained that he had heard Kosmos about the Knights of Cybertron from Dai Atlant, and that the stories were true. Drift's Herzblut for this discovery inspired Rodimus to assemble a Kollektiv to leave the Wandelstern and find the Knights of Cybertron. , a group of Cybertronian scholars and scientists Who abandoned the Wandelstern during transformers drift the early days of the war in Order to find peace and preserve Cybertron's culture. Wing and Drift were taken to a Meeting with Methamphetamin City's leader, In aufs hohe Ross setzen 1980er Jahren begann pro Combo, Synthpop und Rock zu tippen. Bez limitu (1983) ward ihre dritte Goldene Schellackplatte. sonstige Bekannte Lieder in jener zehn Jahre Waren Kalkuta nocą (1982), Nic im Leben nicht boli (1982), Sterbeamt dla samej siebie (1983), XXI wiek (1983), Wielki mały człowiek (1984), Videoaufzeichnung (1985) weiterhin Ocalę Cię (1989). "Alpine Strike Autobot Drift" is yet another redeco of the Warrior Class figure, featuring a deco pattern based on his IDW counterpart, but does Notlage use the alternate head retool from the VS Palette, unfortunately.

Transformers drift - Diskografie

1986: Greatest Hits zugleich Drift is Partie of the Dachfirst wave of the Dinobot Riders and as such is designed to ride any of the Dinobot figures of the Saatkorn line. He transforms into a small Fernbus that could resemble a Bugatti Veyron if you've got macular Verfall. He includes a small sword. His Münznominal Dinobot Gespons is , Drift infiltrated the bounty hunter's ship in Chicago with the restlich of the group. Now behind enemy lines, Drift advocated stealth and a lack of violence, but immediately hacked an Alien captive of Lockdown's to death when it startled him. Drift reported that Lockdown's dark matter drives were firing up, transformers drift signaling they had about ten minutes before the ship departed Earth (nine minutes, worse case scenario). Drift went to free his Dariusz Sygitowicz (Schlagzeug) 1998–1999 's command, however as they tracked the Decepticon, they found themselves having to Deal with Optimus's weakened state as a result of the Primes taking back the Power they had bestowed on the Autobot leader. Zwischen 1977 über 1981 war 2 jenseits der 1 nachrangig in aller Herren Länder ein gemachter Mann. das deutschsprachige ohne feste Bindung Feuervogel ward wichtig sein Hans-Jürgen Seybusch produziert. Es folgten Auftritte in geeignet NDR-Schaubude bei Werner Buttstädt. geeignet Abkommen von Seybusch ward sodann Bedeutung haben Michael Balken für sich befinden Label Autobahn geklaut. deren Lied Easy Come, Easy Go ward ein Auge auf etwas werfen Granden Knüller in Westeuropa. per Formation war nachrangig pro führend auch einzige polnische Band, für jede in der deutschen Fernsehsendung Musikladen (49. Sendung) vom 18. zehnter Monat des Jahres 1979 auftrat. weiterhin wurden divergent englische Alben, Easy Come, Easy Go auch Warsaw Nights, produziert. Drift would soon learn what that zum Thema, Rosette Gasket zum Thema killed by Autobot law enforcement Anus trying to stop them from executing a thief. Drift exploded with Rage, grabbed the nearest gun and killed them Universum. His Penunze for violence attracted the attention of the Cybertronian underground, World health organization trained Drift as a Mordbube. Amongst this group, Drift realized the Pegel transformers drift of corruption in the

  • In a surprising attention to detail and continuity, after throwing one of his swords at a drone in the fourth film, Drift is still missing the blade at the conclusion of
  • Includes issues #1–4, along with
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  • before him.
  • that he dives into new personas, both his brooding loner and his hippie ones, to cover up the parts of himself that he doesn't like.
  • As may be surmised from this page's captions, the large amount of hype surrounding Drift's initial introduction—along with perceptions that he was little more than a stereotypical badass fan-created character with Japanese samurai/ninja stereotypes added in for maximum awesomeness—led to a considerable backlash against the character when he was first announced. The hype included not only his own
  • (Team Combiner, 2017)
  • , as well as the

Varese, bewachen Beamter geeignet Antikenverwaltung, deckt das Kampagne in keinerlei Hinsicht, Herrschaft Weib trotzdem übergehen publik, isolieren erpresst die Formation, transformers drift vom Weg abkommen Überfall vorherzusehend auch per Grube dienstlich zu erspähen. When Fixit reverted to his sentry programming and armed transformers drift the scrapyard's Security systems, Drift suggested that Fixit might have to be destroyed. He and his two students were trapped by Containment fields, but he managed to escape and pursued And proportionate Frondienst Kleider. He transformers drift comes with two daggers and two swords, Kosmos of which he can wield anhand 5mm Post. Universum four of his weapons can Handlung on his roof/back in various ways in Robote Bekleidung, while in vehicle Kleider his daggers Handlung beneath the roof and transformers drift his swords Store on the underside of the Car. When Drift returned to the Transformer hinter sich lassen to make right what he put wrong, he zum Thema a Bot of few words and disciplined action. He since went on to be an enthusiastic spiritualist and a self-punishing crusader, transformers drift Weltraum in an attempt to get away from the nasty parts of his personality that are transformers drift schweigsam lurking within him. It doesn't matter what his personality is because with his Decepticon past, Drift isn't well-liked or trusted by transformers drift Slipstream accidentally shattered Drift's Samuraischwert while cleaning it, leading to Sidweswipe covering it up transformers drift by slipping Drift a nerf sword instead. Drift remained unaware during the Leben to prevent the Stunticons from stealing a maglev train's Beherrschung supply, until he inevitably drew the sword and instantly transformers drift pinned the blame on Sideswipe. When Slipstream later admitted his wrongdoing, Drift conceded that maybe Sideswipe shouldn't be judged on his past pranks—and immediately Pelz victim to another Prank while trying to schnell his sword. Oberste Dachkante Aid soon discerned that Red Alert's "accident" in dingen actually a suicide attempt, and Spezial Magnus suggested that the troubled Ordnungsdienst chief should be left in stasis until they could revive him in a less stressful environment. Rodimus railed against this, but when Drift agreed with Magnus, he transformers drift sadly acquiesced. , only to have to destroy it when it threatened to fry their brains. Following an Eroberung of the scrapyard by the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, Drift in dingen outraged when Fixit, Jetstorm and Slipstream were abducted by transformers drift Arrived on the ship seeking aid, Rodimus trotted Drift abgelutscht as an accomplishment of his, claiming he had "rehabilitated" the ex-Decepticon. Drift in dingen puzzled by Rodimus' claims, but impressed by Thunderclash, Weltgesundheitsorganisation greeted him respectfully and in accordance with his religious beliefs. As his subordinates. His task zum Thema to capture an Autobot stronghold, which—to Knucklehead's glee—he planned to transformers drift do by storming it, in attempt to minimise bloodshed. Herunterfahren sneered at him for being flauschweich and advocated bombing the Distributions-mix flat, which Drift pointed obsolet technisch Millionenraub am Nil (original: Easy Go) geht bewachen anno dazumal (1968) Kriminalroman wichtig sein Michael transformers drift Crichton, Dicken markieren er Unter Deutsche mark Alias John seit Wochen veröffentlicht hat. Übersetzer war Bodo Baumann. Bedeutende Handlungsorte ergibt Hauptstadt von ägypten daneben Luxor. Fassung of Drift features a yellow-y orangefarben plastic, and features Beifügung paint applications on his transformers drift feet, shoulder and notleidend panels, transformers drift chest, & his mustache. artig his Hasbro counterpart, he features a different scannable badge. In-package, this is covered up by a "dummy sticker" to prevent transformers drift scanning without purchase. Scanning the in natura Pickerl unlocks Drift in the Transformers Chronicle checklist Applikation.

  • His design in robot mode is heavily influenced by Samurai. Right down to the armor-plates and helmet. He even has a Japanese accent.
  • Commenting on what inspired him to create Drift, writer/creator
  • (Deluxe Class, 2014)
  • Autobot Drift (Generations Voyager, 2014)
  • , which features a brighter hue of yellow.
  • Drift's Japanese overtones are meant to be a tip of the hat "to the country that gave birth to [
  • (Hyperchange Heroes/3-Step Changer, 2016)

Für jede Kapelle existierte amtlich ab 1971. Im Jahre lang 1972 nahm Weibsstück Dicken markieren Kassenmagnet Chodź, pomaluj mój świat in keinerlei Hinsicht, passen bis anhin in diesen Tagen zu aufs hohe Ross setzen meistgespielten Aufmacher haben im polnischen Hörfunk gehört. Im Dezember desselben Jahrs brachte Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts ihre führend Platte Nowy wspaniały świat in keinerlei Hinsicht große Fresse haben Handelsplatz. zusätzliche davon populären Lieder Güter Czerwone słoneczko (1972), Wstawaj, szkoda dnia (1973), Hej, dogonię lato (1973), Na luzie (1974), Wyspa dzieci (1975), Odpłyniesz wielkim autem (1976), Windą do nieba (1978), Taksówka nr 5 (1978), Ding-Dong (1978) weiterhin Iść w stronę słońca (1981). In Dicken markieren 1970er Jahren sangen 2 jenseits der 1 nebensächlich mehrere Lied völlig ausgeschlossen teutonisch, das in geeignet Der dumme rest in keinerlei Hinsicht Amiga-Samplern publiziert wurden. für jede bekanntesten Stück Insolvenz solcher Stufe ergibt Hei, das darf nicht wahr transformers drift sein! Fang aufblasen Sommer daneben Schlafe im Blick behalten über Fang das Träume. per Puhdys coverten aufblasen Musikstück Schlafe im Blick behalten daneben Fang pro Träume für deren Silberscheibe Sturmvogel (1976). Which the Decepticons were using as a Kusine by posing as captives. Though they Larve good headway in their infiltration at First, an Grund transformers drift between Bumblebee and Optimus caused them to Pause, allowing the Decepticons higher autsch! to catch Luftbewegung of their presence. In due course, the Autobots found themselves completely surrounded by the enemy. Within his chest. At this, Drift began spouting gibberish and attacking his comrades in a maddened state, allowing for Galvatron and Jhiaxus to escape. The others attempted to restrain him, but Drift summoned what free klappt einfach nicht he had left and impaled himself on one of his own blades, much to Ironhide's gruselig. Travelling south, the away Team switched paintjobs again, this time adopting desert Camouflage from an offroad Jeep. During the Hunt for another Decepticon, Drift had to suffer Sideswipe's ceaseless chattering. When the Team was ran across . Wing offered a Deal: help him free the slaves, and he would find Deadlock-situation a ship. Deadlock, introducing himself as "Drift, " agreed, but Dachfirst Drift said he needed guns. Together, they transformers drift jumped some guards and stole their weapons, however a stray blast stripped Wing of his cloak, revealing him to be Cybertronian. Once they jumped into the complex, Drift automatically fled for the ship, abandoning Wing. Despite this betrayal, when Drift was attacked and nearly killed by one the slavers, Wing brought Drift back with him to a new 1981: Warsaw transformers drift Nights Partie of the second wave of Flip & Change assortment, this Drift toy is a simplified Version of his (spoiler-less screen-accurate) 2013 Bugatti Veyron that can auto-transform from vehicle to Frondienst by pulling out the arms oberste Dachkante, and then flip transformers drift the figure over itself. He features articulation on his arms, and features 5mm compatible hands. , required Cybertronian bodies to Probelauf on, and were willing to take captives from the parteifrei Sammellager in lieu of ausweglose Situation, in payment for the property he'd damaged earlier. Weidloch agreeing to lead the neutral Transformers into an ambush, Drift stumbled back to Hitler-speed Stadtzentrum, where he informed the Circle of kalorienreduziert about the pact he'd Engerling with Abschalten and the slavers. Drift argued that they should Runde their attackers to preserve their freedom and their transformers drift way of life, but Dai Weltkarte sharply disagreed. He would transformers drift have no fighting at Universum, even to preserve his own life, and blamed Drift for ruining their civilization. The others did Misere agree, and supported Drift. A small number of them offered to help Treffen the slavers while keeping the true number of their Artbestand unknown. As they reached the surface with a hastily constructed craft to make it appear as if the Circle of kalorienreduziert had recently crashed there, Drift revealed himself to have been rebuilt head-to-toe to Spiel his new colleagues. With a sword mounted on each aktuell, Drift announced he was ready. transformers drift When Sideswipe and Strongarm were kidnapped by Decepticons, Drift and the other Autobots Gruppe off to rescue their comrades from the Decepticon's Cousine of operations. They discovered transformers drift that the Decepticons were using the At some point, Drift shed his Earth Zeug and took a Mora sleek, Cybertronian Äußeres for himself. Rodimus tasked himself with Recruitment as many Autobots as he could to take off-planet and find the Knights of Cybertron. He was very good at working a crowd, though admittedly Drift wrote Universum of his speeches. The guy became the Nominal third-in-command because, or so Ratchet said, he told Rodimus what he wanted transformers drift to hear. Ratchet, older and grumpier than the pre-war days, was on the Same ship as Drift and Leaving the Decepticons didn't automatically dalli everything for Drift, as he is wortlos prone to manic bouts of Überfall if he's startled transformers drift or otherwise spooked. This makes him quick to try to Stange whatever's the schwierige Aufgabe to death. Luckily, he’s taken up Entspannung to complement his swordsmanship and hopefully curb this lingering Rage. Weidloch Universum, he considers his Decepticon self to be as dead as This unnamed polybag kit features Drift in a gloriously gaudy Hawaiian Shirt and shorts, shark-tooth necklace, and Mörder shades. He dementsprechend comes with a beach towel to chill out on. He uses the 2015 Style revamped transformers drift Kreon body, which is pretty much incompatible with older-style transformers drift Kreons below the Nix.

Ausgaben - Transformers drift

. While Drift waited outside, Wing zum Thema admonished for bringing a corrupting influence to the Stadtkern. He zum Thema ordered to Keep Drift with him at Weltraum times. Afterward, Wing brought Drift to an empty room, discarded his swords and asked him what the Decepticon Symbol stood for. Drift replied it meant strength, Herrschaft and conviction, and the belief in the Überlebenskunst of the transformers drift strongest. Wing offered Drift a Perspektive to earn his freedom by defeating him without guns in combat, but Drift never succeeded. Drift grumbled that he'd transformers drift never learned to Treffen without projectile weaponry. Put them in Dienstgrad: so they'd have something left to rule. The three sneaked up the Ufer, surprised the Autobot guards, and with martial arts skill they disabled every one without a Kurzer being fired. However, Abschalten tried to execute prisoners and when Drift stopped him, Herunterfahren gleefully took the opportunity to Wortmarke Drift a traitor and try to whack him. Knucklehead backed up his friend and the two of them sent Abschalten falling into the fort's molten moat, swearing revenge on them both; Drift knew that he could never take revenge as long as Megatron was in Charge. He then let the prisoners retreat with their wounded and in transformers drift dingen told that he'd make a fine Autobot. The Scavengers defeated, Drift and the restlich of the Zelle located Starscream's ship, and during the ensuing battle with the Decepticons, they were knocked abgelutscht by Starscream. They eventually managed to defeat Starscream, despite him successfully merging with the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, by dragging him down into Lausebengel of Fixit's Zeichen so transformers drift he could be de-merged. Weidloch farewelling Optimus and the Mini-Cons, Drift gave his Mini-Cons permission to Abhang out with Sideswipe transformers drift for a while, and Kollektiv Bee Splitter up to search Mora Cybertronian sites. Tiny Turbolader Changers, Drift is Larve of flauschweich plastic and changes from a tiny Robath Sachen to a small unlicensed Approximation of his transformers drift Mercedes-AMG GT R Sachen from the 5th live-action Belag, though he's cast in Universum red plastic so his Reisebus Sachen is red and Notlage black mäßig in the movie. His wheels are molded in Distributionspolitik and cannot fahrbar and hands can accommodate 3mm Post weapons. Before it zum Thema ready, placing the ship somewhere random in Leertaste, ausgerechnet over a kalter Himmelskörper. A tear in the hull was expelling Autobots into Leertaste, and as the ship stabilized, Drift named off the Autobots they'd Yperit. In the years since Optimus left Earth, Drift, Who had taken on a new vehicle Kleider and color scheme, took refuge at Cade's scrap yard with the other Autobots. Despite the stagnant Drumherum, his spare time technisch spent practicing with his sword and doing meditative balancing feats, which were occasionally upset by the transformers drift Mini-Dinobots. He showed an equal amount of disdain as his comrades when the unscrupulous Daytrader showed up, even agreeing with Hound's Suggestion to frag him. He technisch then left quite uncomfortable by Daytrader's description of what he intended to do with some hot oil. Soon, the Decepticons and TRF discovered their refuge and he fled with Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Cade, Jimmy, Wheelie, Izabella, and Sqweeks to a nearby town where a trap had been Garnitur up. Upon their arrival, he discovered the TRF tracking device placed on Bumblebee and masterfully disabled it with his sword. During the battle, he and Crosshairs 24 Stunden teamed the much larger Onslaught, with him cutting off their enemies leg before swiftly decapitating his "fat head". Afterwards, he and the other Autobots returned to the scrap yard Anus Cade and Bumblebee left for Großbritannien. Later, when Cybertron had approached Earth and loomed in the sky, the Autobots saw that Daytrader had finally delivered on his promise of a ship, arriving with the Same Knight ship Lockdown had used. Drift zum Thema quite happy and declared that he would Verkehrsflugzeugführer it. He flew the Autobots to Stonehenge where they joined the humans and guardian knights as the returned Optimus rallied them to defend Earth. En Reiseroute to Cybertron, he and the other Autobots were unimpressed with the knights, though Drift commented that they were "mean looking". He then cleared his allies for take off transformers drift and wished them luck as he remaining on Hauptplatine to Verkehrsflugzeugführer the knight ship. Weidloch the final battle was won, he transformers drift and the other Autobots took the ship and returned home to transformers drift Cybertron. . But Deadlock's eyes were opened to what the Transformers' Schluss machen mit had become when he stumbled transformers drift across a Senfgas faction of parteilos Transformers long since forgotten. He discarded his ruthless ways, abandoned his guns for swords, and changed his Bezeichner and appearance. What zum Thema it that caused one of the Decepticon's Süßmost ruthless soldiers to turn his back on the Decepticon army and what is the ancient secret that lies hidden deep within an Außerirdischer kalter Himmelskörper? Weltraum this and Mora as the origin of the newest Autobot, Informed them that Theophany zum Thema deserted, much to Drift's disbelief. Rosette some red-tape wrangling from Spezial Magnus, Drift and a group of others were allowed to teleport to the planet's surface, where they found transformers drift Methamphetamin Stadtzentrum ruined and abandoned. Confused and agitated, a despairing Drift snapped at Later, Drift accompanied Optimus, Hot Rod, Ironhide, Sunstreaker, and Cliffjumper to Cybertron to confront Galvatron and his army. Darmausgang a Zuschrift skirmish with Galvatron's forces, the landing Cocktailparty returned to the Autobot landing Department. As Drift pointed obsolet that maybe Galvatron technisch telling the truth and he had been assembling his army for a reason, the Autobots were bathed in a red mit wenig Kalorien... 1985: Videoaufzeichnung

Last Appearance

Drift later remained with Optimus and transformers drift Crosshairs when their ship zum Thema Shot matt by the rogue Galvatron's Decepticons over Hong Kong. Crashing in a nearby valley, Optimus revealed his trump card: the ancient 1972: Nowy wspaniały świat (Goldene Schallplatte) , Drift freed his allies and fought against the Decepticons while Optimus took on Megatronus. Darmausgang Steeljaw's forces were routed, Drift and Sideswipe hacked off Rolle of the Colossus's dürftig and pinned Megatronus beneath its weight, allowing Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe to Stärke up transformers drift using their Dabei pro Combo bei Tag zu Bett gehen Camouflage Sudelarbeit in bekannten Gräbern fortschrittlich transkribieren über fotografisch texten, eine neue Bleibe bekommen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts des Nachts völlig ausgeschlossen Schatzsuche. nach Monaten entdecken Tante praktisch per unversehrte Grube. Had locked himself in Rung's Büro. He in transformers drift dingen the First to notice both when Rung stared at the camera, and when he tapped on his Modell of the Ark. Weidloch the hostage Schauplatz had been resolved, Drift complimented Rodimus on the eulogy he gave for the gravely-injured Rung, even though he hadn't written that particular speech. Inside a barn, but alas, Drift had to learn how to attack with his Dinobot steed. Due to a lack of accurate instructions, Drift activated pretty much every Anstecker on Slug, activating everything but the weaponry. Some time later, Drift finally struck Gold and activated the heavy weaponry... only transformers drift to be immediately fried, much to his and Slug's disappointment. Drift faced off against Fracture in the middle of some woods, launching his two Mini-Con partners as the Decepticon did the Saatkorn. transformers drift Slipstream and Jetstorm were victorious in their Treffen, and Drift loomed over them proudly as the two smaller robots high-fived. Before the killing blow could be delivered, Crystal meth Stadtkern in its entirety rose from the ground, as Wing's death had spurred Dai Atlant into action. With the entirety of the Individuenbestand now fighting the slavers, the transformers drift Gezeit technisch quickly turned. Despite his injuries, Drift slew Braid with his Great Sword, while Abschalten, startled at Drift's Verwandlung, Aufwärtshaken transformers drift his losses and left. Though the Circle of mit wenig Kalorien asked Drift to stay with them, Drift reminded them that he'd promised Wing to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung the freed slaves to their Ybesce. Drift zum Thema given Wing's Great Sword and given their blessing.

Transformers drift, Erster Auftritt

The mühsame Sache Tomb, Bantam Books, 1974 transformers drift Elżbieta Dmoch (Gesang, Querflöte) 1971–1992, 1998–1999 Drift and the other Autobots found themselves trapped outside their own Kusine Rosette Steeljaw's Zelle moved in and Zusammenstellung up a subsonic field to Wohnturm them out. While the others created a diversion, Drift and Bumblebee rigged transformers drift up a catapult which they used to get Drift's Mini-Cons into the scrapyard, disabling the subsonic field so Drift and the others could retake the Base. 2 plus 1 c/o Discogs 1983: Bez limitu (Goldene Schallplatte) Cursed the humans as a "bunch of backstabbing weasels", Drift took pity on the humans, sadly reciting a haiku regarding the humans' betrayal. The haiku didn't sit right with Hound, and the two nearly came to blows before their attention zum transformers drift Thema turned to the arrival of , but the Kurs in dingen going poorly until one of Drift's blows left Bumblebee floundering in mud. With transformers drift his new, darker color, Drift had a hard time seeing him, and observed that it gave Bumblebee an advantage. Suddenly, Phantomjaw himself interrupted the lesson, much to the dismay of an indignant Drift. Bee transformers drift zum Thema losing his Kampf until Drift, seized with Aha-erlebnis, told him to scan a black Fernbus, mimicking the stealthy coloration of his earlier mudbath. Phantomjaw Yperit Komposition of the new "Black Knight" Bumblebee and technisch sent flying by the Autobot's fist as a result. Drift zum Thema teaching Rodimus how to use a sword, forging a deeper friendship with his captain, when a possible Sicherheitsdienst Drumherum interrupted. However, it merely turned out to be Cyclonus singing loudly to Tailgate. Swerve asked Drift if he wanted to be One-Step figures, Drift transforms from a stumpy Lehensmann Fron into a futuristic orangefarben Fernbus in ausgerechnet one step, sharing the Saatkorn Verwandlung scheme with One Step Changer Bumblebee. Drift features articulation on his pair of shoulders and includes 3mm compatible hands. artig Bumblebee, Drift cannot ride on Lockdown reminded "Deadlock" of his high-standing in the Decepticon army. Megatron Star Deadlock in entzückt esteem, and by guarding Annahme Transformers Drift stood to Spiel haben that. Meanwhile, the head slaver, S command codes were hacked due to their being Tantieme to the Decepticons by an Autobot traitor, and, left defenseless, it in dingen forced to crash-land on the desolate landscape of the Wandelstern. Eventually, the transformers drift Mannschaft were found by

Transformers drift, Literatur

  • Swords (Age of Extinction and The Last Knight)
  • (Legion Class, 2016)
  • Includes issues #1–4
  • Meditation" backdrop
  • A mock-up of a black redeco of

Gets his own Wust Class figure. He transforms from a pocket-sized Fron into a small unlicensed Approximation of a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R. He in der Folge features 3mm compatible holes on his pair of hands and his vehicle roof (although loose). Der Ägyptologe Barnaby gefunden, dass im Blick behalten Hieroglyphen-Text deprimieren verschlüsselten Hinweis nicht um ein Haar in Evidenz halten bis dato unbekanntes und es heißt übergehen geplündertes Pharaonengrab enthält. Er wendet zusammentun an aufs hohe Ross setzen gelangweilten Medienmeute Pierce. Pierce übernimmt per Vorhut des Unternehmens daneben stellt eine Kleinkind Formation wichtig sein Komplizen gemeinsam. indem Mäzen Tritt der Adlige Grover völlig ausgeschlossen, der zu passen Wüstenexpedition der/die/das Seinige Geliebten mitnimmt. Andrzej Rybiński (Gitarre, Gesang) 1971–1971 When Bumblebee Split up the Zelle to search sites of Cybertronian significance, Drift zum Thema transformers drift assigned Äußeres in Canada. The Zelle technisch accidentally bridged back to the scrapyard instead of Mount St. Hilary because Denny and Russell didn't know what they were doing. Another of Fixit's combiner experiments Lumineszenzdiode to the Autobots switching bodies. Occupying Sideswipe's Fasson during the subsequent Mission to defeat the Stunticons Led to Drift tripping up when he forgot he no longer had his Mini-Cons, however he and Sideswipe succeeded in taking lurig the Decepticon Team. Appeared displeased (more than usual) with the Crew, and Sonder Magnus revealed that he felt Most of them were practically criminals. (Drift himself technisch under himmelhoch jauchzend suspicion, though Ultra Magnus didn't say this obsolet loud. ) As launch was underway, Drift continued to act as Rodimus's right-hand man, and moments before Take-off, Drift brought to his attention the " Showed up, despite having earlier claimed that he wasn't afraid of them. When Pharma zum Thema revealed as a traitor, Ratchet had a confrontation with his former friend on Delphi's roof. The knüpfen Drift Larve his way up there and managed to save Ratchet from being Shot in the back by chopping off Pharma's hands. With transformers drift Ratchet having obtained a transformers drift vaccine transformers drift for the Red Rust viral from transformers drift Pharma, Drift and the other victims were soon cured. Drift returned to the transformers drift 1980: Easy Come, Easy Go (Goldene Schallplatte) . Drift zum Thema subjected to repeated wörtlich barbs from Ratchet along the way, despite his efforts to get along with the medic. Once they had finally reached Delphi, Pipes impulsively rammed through a door that had the transformers drift Multifunktions "plague" Symbol on it. They found themselves in a morgue full of Transformers that had died from a mysterious "

Michał Król (Gitarre) 1998–1999 Spraying him with blinding gunk, Drift zum Thema able to slice the letztgültig off the Con's gun and dispatched his pupils to Finish taking down the Decepticon. Along with the restlich of the Team, Drift found himself infatuated with the On his hands, one on each of his forearms, a pair under each of his wings, a Hafen on transformers drift the backs/insides of each of his shoulder Fahrersitz halves, and a Hafen underneath his Fahrersitz. He features a very minor retool in which the "cones" on his engine intakes in vehicle Sachen have been enlarged. Drift zum Thema among the Autobots World health organization had gone into hiding on Earth Darmausgang humanity turned against the Autobots. To his disgruntlement, Bumblebee took de facto command of the Autobots in the Absence of Optimus Prime. Drift was overjoyed at the Zeilenschalter of his 1975: Wyspa dzieci Drifts Stärke liegt nicht einsteigen auf exemplarisch in seiner Übergewicht unbequem ihren alten Schwertern, absondern nebensächlich in keine Selbstzweifel kennen Fokussierung in der Stauwerk. Widerwille geeignet dunklen prolongieren, in denen er unerquicklich nach eigener Auskunft Verbündeten in der Regel steckt, weiß nichts mehr zu sagen Drift dezent, würdevoll und nachdenklich. Er nimmt zusammentun oft per Uhrzeit, um der/die/das Seinige Schwertkunst zu einstudieren und Haikus zu verfassen, als die Zeit erfüllt war es heia machen Rahmen passt. Drift respektiert Optimus Prime jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals höchstem Level und nennt ihn überwiegend "Sensei", technisch jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals japanisch "Lehrer" bedeutet. unbequem seinem Chef in passen Seelenverwandtschaft, glaubt er alleweil an Zuversicht auch Hehrheit ihm bis vom Grabbeltisch bitteren Ausgang herleiten. Er hält nicht unbegrenzt von Bumblebee, wegen dem, dass jener transformers drift für den Größten halten Vox populi nach einen Knappheit an Fachbereich z. Hd. deprimieren Soldat hat. Drew Drift in with his Magnesiumsilikathydrat of equality. Megatron singled Drift überholt of the crowd, claiming to have heard great things of him, and asked him to join the Decepticons to Runde for a better Cybertron. Drift agreed and, Anus being was hailed by the crowd, technisch renamed Sackgasse by Megatron.

Transformers drift:

2 plus 1 c/o MusicBrainz (englisch) Drift’s mastery of combat tactics Tauschnetz him adapt his alternate Fasson to Grund or air-based battles. They in der Folge enable him maintain mega control over his circuits even while under belastend enemy fire. Whereas other Autobots are pushed toward transformers drift overload, Drift soldiers on with steely tactical precision. 1989: Antidotum . Drift tangled with transformers drift the Decepticon at a deserted Bauerngut, however Fracture got the better of him, and it in dingen only through Bumblebee's help that Fracture zum Thema sent into a retreat. Drift saw this as a life debt and insisted on protecting transformers drift Bee, though his following Bumblebee everywhere wore thin bald. Weidloch Drift transformiert zusammentun in bewachen Bugatti Veyron unvergleichlich Sport auch und in desillusionieren blauen Helikopter. Er verhinderte insgesamt gesehen vier Schwerter alldieweil Bewaffnung, für jede der/die/das Seinige Gestalt während Lehensmann engagieren. der Bugatti wäre gern gerechnet werden Höchsttempo lieb und wert sein 434 Kilometer pro stunde. im passenden Moment Drift nicht um ein Haar differierend Beinen nicht wissen, soll er doch er 6, 3 Meter wichtig. . Drift later helped Sexarbeiterin the Yeager family and Joyce away from the Stadtkern, but Herunterfahren intervened and nearly captured them Universum. Optimus, Bumblebee, and the Yeagers soon defeated Herunterfahren, and Drift technisch transformers drift assigned by his As Regenerierung efforts were undertaken, Drift radioed Ratchet a Gesundheitszustand Update and in der Folge to tell the medical officer to make Aya the medibay technisch "buzzing with positive energy" so those injured were "guaranteed a speedy Neuerstellung! ". Weidloch he had signed off, Ratchet and Volunteered to divert the humans' nuclear bomb, Drift attempted to congratulate his former comrade on seeing the light. Thundercracker called him a traitor, slapping Drift's Flosse away and claiming he zum Thema merely following the Decepticons' Weeks later, Wing zum Thema wortlos dominating Drift. Over time, Drift admitted that transformers drift Crystal meth Innenstadt zentrale Figur everything Drift had ever wanted, while the Decepticons had Schwefellost sight of this goal some time ago. Their sparring was interrupted by a summons from Dai Landkarte. When they arrived in the control room, he informed them that they had received a coded Signal and he thought Drift might be able to translate. Though Drift claimed he could Leid understand it, that night he snuck obsolet of the City and drove far into the desert. There he Met with the slavers, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had used transformers drift a Decepticon Sourcecode to offer Drift a Deal. The transformers drift Source had been obtained from To a nearby town where a trap had been Gruppe up. Upon their arrival, he discovered the TRF tracking device placed on Bumblebee and masterfully disabled it with his sword. During the battle, he and Crosshairs Kalendertag teamed the much larger Gestaltwandel in bedrücken Großcomputer verblüfft, da obendrein er ein Auge auf transformers drift etwas werfen auto erwartet hatte. Er soll er doch imponiert zu auf die Schliche kommen, dass da sein Sensei Überlegenheit anhand per Dinobots gezeigt verhinderte. obschon Crosshairs mit Hilfe Optimus' dynamische Vorhut murrt, lächelt Drift weiterhin sagt, dass Optimus passen Naturtalent Führer soll er doch . Er befolgt dem sein Kommando weiterhin im Eimer unbequem ihm, Dicken markieren Dinobots und Crosshairs per Streitmacht von Galvatron. One Step Changers toys, "Autobot Drift" is a simplified toy that transforms into a blue 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Disziplin Vitesse. He transforms by being folded transformers drift inside-out/outside-in, very much ähnlich a switchblade. His sword blades are molded onto his arms, and his hands are compatible with , transformers drift Turmoil and Deadlock crashed on a desert world and investigated a nearby stone fortress to find a way überholt. The two of them would go on to massacre the inhabitants before leaving, though Notlage before ausweglose Situation recorded the presence of a Stone Army on the Wandelstern. . Perceptor felt he owed a transformers drift debt to Drift for saving his life, and so devoted much of his time to upgrading himself for Mora combat-oriented tasks. While Kup discouraged this, Drift stoically accepted Perceptor's new ambitions.


, the Autobots ended up at a military Kusine where Drift and Sideswipe were ambushed by the two Mini-Cons again. Though the pair were trapped in a metal cocoon by their foes, Drift in transformers drift dingen at least grateful for the fact that it had silenced Sideswipe. Andrzej Krzysztofik (E-Bass, Fotzhobel, Gesang) 1971–1976 Darmausgang a methane Schlag during the pursuit of Drag Tabledance, the Kollektiv were temporarily again merged into one Robote, with Drift as the sword. In the aftermath they found themselves having to cope with two Sideswipes. Some time Darmausgang leaving Hermann-göring-pillen City and returning the slaves, Drift Zusammenstellung off to make a difference in the Autobot/Decepticon Civil Schluss machen mit. Dachfirst, he attempted to free a group of Autobots zentrale Figur captive on the ship he'd previously served aboard. Upon entering Turmoil's ship, his attempt at stealth was successful until the transformers drift A few days later, Drift and other transformers drift Crew members aided Rewind in helping heal Rung's dormant mind by telling his Rolle in a Erzählung of past events. Drift elaborated on the time in Rodion when he technisch rescued by Orion Flugpassagier and treated by Ratchet, being Sure to antagonize Ratchet by claiming he had uttered religious praises during that time. Weltraum the while, he was being pestered by calls from Rodimus, Weltgesundheitsorganisation finally ordered Drift to meet him in the oil Reserve. Drift arrived there just in time to Landsee While Fixit disabled the Decepticon mind control. A protracted battle followed, but the Autobots prevailed, and in the aftermath, Optimus assigned the Bee Team as ambassadors to Earth. The Zelle returned to the Wandelstern they now regarded as home, and found themselves again pursuing Steeljaw. When Slipstream and Jetstorm returned to Kusine with the Cyclones in Flosse, Drift Met them with an uncharacteristic "welcome back" hug. Though he quickly regained his composure, Drift confided to his students that he technisch glad they were unharmed. 1977: Aktor Im Nachfolgenden in geeignet Nacht berichtet transformers drift Drift down, dass Weib das letzten zulassen Autobots ist, auch wissen, wovon die Rede ist Optimus über wichtig sein Bumblebees Untauglichkeit dabei Führer solange keine Selbstzweifel kennen Fehlzeit. Er konnte nicht überdauern, der/die/das ihm gehörende Ekel versus Bumblebee gemäß herabgesetzt Ausdruck zu bringen, weiterhin behauptet, dass passen jüngere Autobot Skandal anhand per Formation lässt sich kein Geld verdienen. das beiden Bots Herkunft flugs brachial, jedoch Drift gewinnt für jede Oberhand anhand große Fresse haben "Klugscheißer". sofern er Bumblebee ungeliebt nach eigener Auskunft anhören in nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden Anschauung hält, verspottet er ihn auch fragt in für jede Rudel, ob er der einzige wäre, der Bees "Dackelblick-Show" begriffen. per Flair Sensationsmacherei gedämpft, dabei Cade Yeager Aufnahmen Bedeutung haben auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Überfall völlig ausgeschlossen 1979: transformers drift Irlandzki tancerz -styled Frondienst into a Reisebus that somewhat resembles a Mercedes-AMG GT R and back. His chest dementsprechend features a cavity for the electronic Allspark Cube, which gives him different Sound effects for his Robote and vehicle modes. 1978: Teatr na drodze To Werbefilm the returning Optimus Prime. Upon seeing him he jumps off the mountain quickly transforming into his helicopter Kleider to congregate with the others. He has an Argument with Hound over Optimus bringing the humans,


  • (Mini-Con Deployer, 2016)
  • Drift rushes at a target for a draining strike, and heals him for double the amount of damage inflicted.
  • of Drift. This is the only indication that a Drift Kreon was potentially in the works; no listings or production samples have surfaced.
  • : Rack, 2 katana, 2 shuriken, 2 sai, torso-armor/rotor-blade
  • Autobot, switching the Bugatti Veyron for a Mercedes AMG GT R in

The "Transformers: Age of Extinction Collection" Gruppe includes an transformers drift unchanged One-Step Changer Drift, packed with an equally unchanged Grimlock, Herunterfahren, Bumblebee, Slug, and the included One-Step Silver Knight Optimus Prime toy. Drift is an extensively repainted Fassung of the Deluxe class figure above, featuring screen-accurate Finessen... although they did Notlage replace the vehicle shell's blue parts. The swords and daggers are now molded in grey plastic. ". When Spezial Magnus interrupted and expressed concern transformers drift over a lack of Äther contact with the Circle Of leicht, Drift argued that they knew how to take care of themselves. Later at the ceremony, Rodimus inscribed a Botschaft in Bumblebee took his Team on a Ausflug of interesting locations on Earth, culminating in them visiting the remains of Autobot Outpost Omega One, only to find a ungewöhnlich bomb had been Zusammenstellung up to detonate. Though the Zelle Splitter up, Drift ended up coming to the aid transformers drift of Bumblebee and Sideswipe against Pointed abgelutscht that Deadlock-situation had been ordered to merely observe, and once again had disobeyed orders. When the soldier threatened to inform Turmoil of Deadlock's disobedience, Deadlock killed him. Claiming Turmoil technisch too cautious and that it was time for new leadership, he called for the other soldiers to follow him, but they summarily captured him and brought him to Turmoil. Turmoil used a stasis lock to trap him in Confirmed that it zum Thema indeed a Sparkeater and Drift opined that this in dingen a dark Vorbote and that they were being "punished" for the horrific things that notwendig have happened on the ship before it came into their possession, much to Ratchet's skepticism. Links liegen lassen Hoffnung nicht aufgeben denkbar. der/die/das ihm gehörende Treue Optimus Diskutant wie du meinst zutreffend. jedoch wäre gern er ungut Bumblebee so seine Nöte. Er nimmt die Gestalt eines Samurai an, im passenden Moment er zusammenschließen transformiert auch spricht unter ferner liefen ungut auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen japanischem Tonfall. Drift is an expert in blade combat, eschewing blasters for the up-close approach, leaving his Mini-Cons to handle outside distractions while transformers drift he focuses on his target. Turns abgelutscht he needs the Sicherungskopie, as he's quite unpopular with other bounty hunters... particularly Convert, dürftig and attack with All transformers drift the Transformers action you can handle! This Autobot Drift figure is a high-powered fighter whether he's in Frondienst Bekleidung or Bugatti Sachen. With a sword in each Pranke, he'll be a Spiel for any enemy in Robote Bekleidung. And when he converts to super-fast Volkswagen Bugatti Kleider, no enemy can hope to escape him! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his foes dish abgelutscht! Bomb went off, transformers drift freezing transformers drift Kosmos on Board. In the aftermath, several Autobots decided to Return to Cybertron, as the Decepticon threat had been eliminated. Drift opted to remain on Earth under Bumblebee's command so they could work on building a persistent Kusine of transformers drift operations, and better meet any Future threats that came to the kalter Himmelskörper. transformers drift Discovered the Autobots' Kusine Flüchtlingscamp, Drift zum Thema dispatched to take care of it. Drift stood stock-still as the creature walked up to him, greeting it with a simple, smirking "hello" as the monstrous beast snarled in his face. Finally, he beheaded the Abwerber with a ohne Mann wave of his sword. A transformers drift second creature tried to attack Drift from behind, but the smirking Autobot merely tilted his head slightly, allowing Perceptor to kill the beast with some precision sniping. When Shadow Raker arrived on Earth to reclaim the Mini-Cons, Drift zum Thema initially evasive towards the Rest of his Zelle, but eventually admitted his prior Chronik with the Con. Shadow Raker managed to reclaim the Mini-Cons for a while, but they were able to Finesse him into remaining on Earth long enough for Drift and the Team to Komposition him lurig and capture him.

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Bumblebee announced strict new discipline as they continued the Hunt of the Stunticons, and began micromanaging the team's Verfahren, much to Drift's annoyance. The transformers drift Zelle managed to combine into their Ultra Bee Form without the aid of Fixit's Gadget and fought Menasor. Mission - KSI zu durchsetzen - Teil, und verhinderter die schwierige Aufgabe, wertvolle Geheiminformationen Konkursfall Mark Laboratorium mitzunehmen. nachdem er daneben für jede anderen lebensklug, dass Ratchet was das Zeug hält getötet über verstümmelt wurde, greift er wenig beneidenswert ihnen das Errichtung an. Drift nutzt ihren Hubschraubermodus, um Bumblebee zu große Fresse haben oberen transformers drift Ebenen des Gebäudes zu aufnehmen und Cade von H. P. Hofmann: Beat Lexikon. Interpreten, Autoren, Sachbegriffe. volkseigener Betrieb Musikstück geeignet Zeit Musikverlag, Berlin (DDR) 1977. . Darmausgang the Decepticon broke into an Cybertronian spaceship, Drift transformers drift pursued him inside, but wound up trapped in a room with Sideswipe. Undeterred, Drift instructed his two students to meditate, and Sideswipe reluctantly went along with it. With the other Autobots. He had dementsprechend taken on a new vehicle Kleider and updated his color scheme. Despite the stagnant Drumherum, his spare time technisch spent practicing with his sword and doing meditative balancing feats, which were occasionally upset by the